Taylor Swift & Diana Agron Were More Than Just Close Friends? Latter Addresses Romantically Involved Rumours Saying, “That Is So Interesting…”

Actress Diana Agron recently addressed decade-old rumours of her relationship with Taylor Swift. Read on to know what she said.

Taylor Swift has been leading headlines for a while now, owing to her dating life. The singer reportedly broke up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and is now allegedly dating Matty Healy. Well, rumours surrounding her romantic life have been going on for more than a decade, as she was even linked up with Dianna Agron. Read on to learn Agron’s response to those rumours.

Taylor and Dianna used to hang out together in the early 2010s. The two were reportedly close to each other that Dianna even inspired a song for Taylor.

Taylor Swift was friends with the Glee alum and regularly hung out with her during 2011-12. It was the time when the 33-year-old released her highly successful album Red and even paid tribute to her friendship with the actress and three other friends, including Selena Gomez. As Taylor and Diana’s bonding grabbed many eyeballs, it also led fans to speculate a different angle between the two.

Many thought Taylor and Dianna were romantically together, while some rumours claimed they were involved in a love triangle with Tim Tebow. But Dianna Agron has now broken her silence on the rumours claiming they are “wildly untrue.” In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 37-year-old actress was asked how she reacted to her dating rumours with the Love Story singer.

Dianna said, “That is so interesting. I mean, there have been many stories about my dating life that are so wildly untrue. That’s funny.” The actress further addressed the alleged tribute that the singer paid to her via her track 22. She did not confirm if the song was for her and said, “Me? Oh, if only!”

She added, “That’s more because of a friendship than being the inspiration for the song. But I would not be the person to ask about that. I cannot claim that!”

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